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Stretch Marks...


Well, I've been gaining some decent size over the past 6 months. Only problem is that I've been getting huge stretch marks on the outside part of my armpit and am starting to get some bad ones on my biceps and triceps... I've heard that coconut milk can help with stretch marks but was wondering if anybody had any help they could offer me on the situation.



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Me, I just don't where sleaveless shirts. My inner arms look like Freddy Krueger tried to rape my armpit.


Mine faded over the past couple of years quite significantly. I think mostly due to tanning.


yea, cocoa butter and being in the sun has helped me. takes a while though.


I am currently getting rid of my teen stretchmarks, I, unfortunatly have horizontal ones from growing to tall to fast, and vertical ones from getting put on corticosteriods when I was 15 (They destroy collegen, among other things) and gaining weight.

Here is was is working REALLY good for me. Go to a store, pick up St. Ives medicated Apricot scrub (You don't NEED St Ives but its 3 bucks and I think its much better), a pair of exfoliant gloves (Look in the womens cosmetics section...and expect some stares.)And Palmers for Stretchmarks, Or Palmers with coca butter and Vit E. If you can't find either (Palmers brand is regarded as best by most people) Make sure you read the ingredients and that coco butter is in the first one listed, unfortunatly just like bread makers calling caramel dyed white bread wheat bread, some lotion makers make the coco butter claim with it being a minor ingredient.

Apply Apricot scrub and use your exfoliant glove on the general area of the stretch marks, dry very well with a towel and apply your coco butter/vit E lotion.

Personally I exfoliate very very rough twice a week and gently every other night and I am seeing GREAT results. From what I have picked up from a ton of reading is that your going to need to take off a whole lot of skin and when your body re-generates it, hopefully it will do so without the marks. I have seen some of the shallow ones go completely already, im sure the deeper ones will take more time but I couldn't be happier!


One thing ive learned with stretch marks is just when you think it cant get any worse...it does! I must have terrible skin because ive always been very prone to getting them since i was like 14. Hell Ive never even been overweight and still got some on the sides of my stomach. Dont mean to put a damper on things but contrary to what alot of people claim, some do not fade away on their own over time. Hell ive got some from 10 years ago that still look exactly the same to this day! Being very fair skinned doesnt exactly help them look better either...


good advice! it should work well for fairly new stretch marks too - the newer they are, the better results you'll have.


Vitamin E oil also works well. Buy the capsules and break them open and rub the oil on the stretch marks. It helped fade mine quite a bit


ehh I have them all over the place. I kind of like 'em


It's funny, my roommate was complaining about this as well.

Personally, I think my stretch marks are THA BOMB. Stretch marks are like proof that you've racked on so much size that your skin can't contain it!!

It just goes to show how looks are so subjective.. What one guy think is cool and gives him more confidence, some other guy could be embaressed about.. shrug


i got them pretty bad near my arm pits then they go all the way down both biceps. really dark and purple lol. starting to get them at the top of my legs too. you cant really do much about them, just gotta live with them if your gonna keep lifting cause there only gonna get worse