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Stretch Marks


Hey everyone, I put on about 20-25 pounds fairly quickly between late August and December, doing TBT and the first half of ABBH I, from 6'2 ~170 to 6'2 195-200 down to 6'2 ~190 after some time off from the gym over the break and not eating my regular bulking diet.
I'm obviously not done gaining weight, but my problem is that i'm getting some stretch marks on the top of my biceps and under my armpits. I'm staying hydrated and eating well, taking fishoils, multi vitamins etc. I've started rubbing vitamin E and aloe on my stretch marks at night before I go to sleep, is there anything else I can do?

My plans as of now: once I finish the second half of ABBH I (I divided the program into two three week programs for before/after winter break since I had travel plans that interfered with lifting regularly) I'll start Quattro Dynamo, eat a bulking diet, and hope to put on a few more pounds of muscle. Hopefully this won't worsen my stretch marks terribly, as QD is more strength than size focused.

My goal for the near future is to be a lean 210. I've got a fast metabolism naturally, so the lean part won't exactly be the problem, heh.


None that I'm aware, like many women, you're SOL


Yes. Get used to them.


Well, poo. Okay.


Yeah you got them for life. Hope you like them. Some people think of them as badges of honor. I'm not one but im screwed the same as you. Best bet is preventative measures.

I took creatine when I first began lifting. Between that and the initial muscle gain, I got some sweet stretchies in the same places you mentioned. They fad with some time but they will always be there. My suggestion if you dont have them on the thighs yet, try to prevent that too. I got them on the inner part pretty well up by the groin. Sucks.

Just remember this for your wife, if thats how you swing, and if she ever has children. Make sure to use the cocoa butter all over that tummy. I dont know if it will work, but best to try anyway. She'll thank you later if it works.


Same here. Got them on my bicep (coming from my underarm) and in my inner thigh. I don't mind them. I view them as a badge like you mentioned.


I used to have them really bad on my biceps as well...

I put cocoa butter on them for about 2 months straight and they improved, less of a nasty red/dark purple to a natural skin color but u can still see the indents and ripples in the skin when you tighten ur skin...

Hope it helps