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Stretch Marks?

So I’m now a slightly less skinny version of my former self (205 lbs up from 179). The problem is, I now have these beautiful stretch marks on my upper quads and my butt. I’ve had the most growth in my legs, but I wasn’t expecting this. It’s pretty gross.

My question is, does anyone know of any ways to reduce these? I have no clue about such things since I’ve always been skinny.

You may be able to prevent them from getting worse by using lotion and keeping your skin hydrated (and therefore more elastic).

I don’t know of any non-surgical procedure to remove them.

I hear you…I gained 50 pounds pretty quick, got stretch marks all around my legs, on my ass, on the backs of my shoulders and on my pecs.

I’m not really too fussed about it, the ones on the upper body are pretty cool though the lower body ones do look kinda weird. I did a search on the forum and found a few hundred threads on this:

They fade from red to white over time.

Most topical treatments have some people who swear by them and other people who say they are complete bullshit.

You can think of them as “Battle scars” or “Natures Tattoos”.

Taking Zinc is supposed to help prevent them. I’ve started taking a one-a-day vitamen pill that has zinc in it.

I’ve heard Coco butter helps with stretch marks. That may just be a myth though.

Ask on the female forum. Lots of women who have gone through pregnancy have experience with stretch marks. My recommendation would be to look for creams with cocoa butter and vitamin E.

When I first started lifting I got them along my biceps, they went away after about another two years of lifting.

Hate to tell you, but there’s no way to get rid of stretch marks :frowning: They will fade from red to silvery/skin color over time and depending on the severity of them, may not be very noticeable once they fade. They are actually tears in the connective tissue of the skin and you can feel the texture difference in the skin when you run your fingers over them…

after i started squatting and deadlifting i got major stretch marks all over my glutes and hams… :frowning:

I have stretch marks that put to shame those on any 300 pound mother after multiple pregnancys ok. The entire inside of my arms, my pecs , my shoulders my legs. There are many bogus treatments. You can get laser surgery but all that does is fade them quickly. After showers apply moisturizer and vitamin e and they won’t be as bad. If someone calls you stretch, punch them in the nose.

As I like to think of it, is that why you making fun of me, because basically your making fun of me for having mass hypertrophy you skinny little bitch!

Why get rid of them, think of them as victorious battle scars! Some people do as it shows you went to a level most people don’t. But once you got them, you got them. The whole apply cream thing, take vitamin E, break vitamin E capsules and apply them directly to your marks, yea that never worked for me. I’ve had them for a while on my legs from when I used to be big into soccer and my body was 80% legs. The leg hair does cover them nicely though. If that doesn’t work for you either then it is time to start making up stories. “They aren’t stretch marks! I got in a knife fight with a 7ft. tall Russian! If you think they look bad you should see him!” Hope you can come up with better

That’s a weak story, say you lived in an italian/mexican/black family and got in a fight with your mom and she got you but she’s your mom you couldn’t touch her. Works everytime.

Yep, once you got 'em, you’re stuck with them. Different skin types are more prone to it than others - that whole genetics card. They may fade in time and be less noticable (especially with a tan), but that’s about it. Best thing to do is preventative maintenance - shea butter or something similiarly intense, massage and to grow at a reasonable pace instead of ballooning up.

[quote]Hilltop Boy wrote:
That’s a weak story, say you lived in an italian/mexican/black family and got in a fight with your mom and she got you but she’s your mom you couldn’t touch her. Works everytime.[/quote]

If you saw my skin pigment, or should I say lack of, then you’d know that would never work for me =(