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Stretch Marks?


Getting stretch marks, what have you boys found is good for em?


Once you've got em, you need surgery to get rid of them. Prevention is key.

You need to stretch on a regular basis. In addition to stretching your muscles, your skin will stretch, but at a pace it can cope with.

Also keep your skin hydrated. Use lotions or oils in the problem areas (pec/armpit area seems to be the normal candidate for men)


I know pregnant women have had success with cocoa butter and others w/ vitamin E. I never tried either. Wish I had.


Try some gamma linoleic (sp?) acid capsules (similar to vitamin E pills). Some good GLA pills are evening primrose oil and borage oil. Rub that on your skin like you would the oil from vitamin E pills. The above suggestions work too.


usually i've moved on to another girl before that becomes a problem.