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Stretch Marks

I am a skinny guy that started seriously training and now I’m getting stretch marks especially in my ass and leg area where I’ve noticed the most improvement. Is this normal? Could it be fat?

Yeah, I noticed that on myself, on the back part of my upper thigh. That’s kinda badass though, to gain muscle so fast it created stretch marks.

Id be proud of muscle growth stretch marks, hey at least they arent fatty stretch marks like mine. I could never say “well, my abs grew SO fast that. . .”

They’re badges of honor.

But there are laser treatments for it…that WebMD site is probably your best bet…

but as always consult your physician.

Will they go away with time and or leanness, i got them on my last bulk cycle
on my legs and like around my crotch- its wierd and if i had the choice of what to be proud of i would rather be proud of bulk without the stretch. Anyone know of lotions or self treatments that can be doen cheaply?

Two friends of mine had babies… one put a cocoa butter cream on her tummy every night even before she showed. After delivery, her stomach skin was as smooth and taught as ever. The other, had the baby, got stretch marks, then used the cream and saw no changes. What’s this have to do with bulking? I wonder if using that same type cream when you are planning to bulk would help prevent this.

I got’em on the upper part of my pecs and they were really red at first. But after a while (6 months, a year), they became colorless and now you cant really see’em. I’m guessin that’s what always happens, so hang in there.