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Stretch marks

I’ve been lifting for a while now, yet I find myself battling stretch marks along the outer sides of my pecs. Do you have any suggestions to reduce them or to prevent them in the future?

20% Glycolic acid and Retin-A/Renova have been shown to help improve the appearance of stretch marks. There is also some cream that has been shown to reduce the formation of stretch marks (not very much, though), but I can’t remember its name. Try Medline.

I have seen creams that remove strech marks in supermarkets, i too have some on my biceps, never tried any to see if they work. I like to call them battle scars anyway.

If you’re not getting your EFAs, start ASAP. I’ve heard that a topical Vitamin E cream or lotion can help, but then I’ve also heard the exact opposite. I suspect that plain oil might help just because it’ll help keep the area from drying out.


I’ve looked into this before, and you need to take flax seed oil and fish oils to keep skin supple and less prone to stretch marks. Simple as that.

That’s utter bull. There are no studies showing any kind of oil (flaxoil, EFAs, or otherwise) has any effect whatsoever on reducing stretch marks. Vitamin E has been conclusively shown to have NO EFFECT on reducing or eliminating stretch marks. Stop repeating the myths your friends tell you and do some RESEARCH before you recommend that someone spend their money on something.

search stretchmark on yahoo