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Stretch marks

One thing I’ve never really seen addressed is the topic of stretch marks. I am 24, roughly 210, and my training is mostly geared towards Brooks Kubrik style dinosaur lifting. As of late I have been getting stretch marks on my biceps and chest, as well as behind my arm. I am wondering if there is some effective quick method to remove these. My figures are as follows:

520 Squat
460 Deadlift
225 Push Press
245 Hang Clean
125 Curl
185 Overhead Squat

I would also like to know what people thing about training mostly on singles and triples.

I am surprised that you are so concerned about those stretch marks. I have them on my shoulders and as I have stated in here on prior occasions, wear them as a badge of honor.

Some will tell you to smear vitamin E cream, or coco butter on them. From what I have seen others try, that won’t help. They are a fact of life for those of us who lift weights.

Learn to love them!

And welcome to the fourm!

Nope. Nothing you can do to get rid of them once you have them. If they are red now, eventually they will fade to silver/white and be less noticeable. Usually, susceptibility is genetic and if you are are pre-disposed, try to avoid rapid weight gain/loss and keep your skin hydrated.

what do max poundages have to do with stretch marks?

Those marks might also fade a little if you go to the tanner.