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Stretch marks

What can I do to minimize/prevent stretch marks? Stretching? These last few weeks, I get a new one every now and again.

Don’t train. No, really, I’ve heard that rubbing vitamin E oil on them helps, but have never tried it.

Try vitamin E cream and keep H2O intake high. Of course every time I get a stretch mark (upper body) I throw a damn party.

Vitamin E doesn’t do a damn thing. Treat the stretch marks with 20% glycolic acid for 6 months to a year, concurrent with Renova if you have access to it. Both of these have been shown to improve the appearance of stretch marks.

You didn’t just start taking creatine did you? I’ve found any time I use it I get stretch marks. As far as minimizing them…I think time is the only real answer, aside from cosmetic surgery. Think of them as badges of honor – shit loads of people have stretch marks, but they have them from sitting on their ass watching TV and eating shitty food – you got them from activity and muscle growth.

I’m confused… Everyone I’ve know that gets stretch marks has them for a very long time (1+ years), not “a few weeks”… Hmmm, maybe it’s something else? Anyway, many pregnant women use great mother’s body butter (and, no, i’m NOT a pregnant woman!!).

For as long as I remember, both pregnant woman and body builders have been told to take extra Zinc to avoid stretch marks. My wife just gave birth and came away with few if any stretch marks. I have used it for years, and at 5’ 10" and 220lbs I have never got a stretch mark. Hope it helps.

I was actually prescribed Retin-A by my dermatologist for them. It works but irritates the skin.


I’m opening this back up. Has there been any new discoveries in the past 3 years?

I’m about to start bulking and have been gettin’ stretch marks WHILE CUTTING! I have a feeling they’re gonna get bad!

I already supp. w/zinc and drink 1+ gallon of water a day.

No not really besides what you are allready doing. i

Just make sure you are getting proper fat intake to keep the skin more plyable.

Other than that wear em’ with pride.


I have massive stretch marks on the insides of both my arms near my armpits, and on the back of my left tricep. Their is no way, other than laser surgery, to get rid of them, but they can be prevented. In the spots where you expect to get them rub any kind of moisturizer or cocoa butter on the skin twice a day, preferrably before workout.

How about those scar minimizing patches? I haven’t looked into them, and cannot say what is even in them. But if they work with scars, why not stretch marks?

Again if they work.

I’ve found that using your everyday hand & body lotion, like vaseline intensive care works pretty well to prevent stretch marks. It’ll help your skin maintain moisture, and elasticity. Applying at least twice a day, especially after workouts has always helped me minimize getting the damn things in the first place.

they make a No scar cream (it has zinc) you can get at shaws & stop & shop etc. It helps quite a bit, vitamin E helped me barely, I’ve also heard of Strivectin SD, it is EXPENSIVE though, and I havent tried it.
If you scratch, or get itchy, or the current stretch marks get itchy rub on cortisone cream, scratching truly does make it much much worse I found out.

I still have my stretch marks, but nowhere near as bad as they used to be (mine are all fatty marks), the thing that helped the most - getting smaller lol .