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Stretch Marks

I’ve been taking CSP-3 for about three months now, and my gains are faster than my skin growth, especially for my legs and arms. This is really exciting; I’ve gained 15 lbs of muscle!!! However, I’m getting stretch marks! What should I do?

Thanks much,

Michael Lahr

Go to your local pharmacy and buy some stretch mark cream, anything really works just keep using it for like 2 months and you’ll get results.

Cocoa butter lotion or cream is supposed to be great for preventing more stretch marks. Don’t read into this, but I know that pregnant women often use it on their stomachs- and that gets some stretch. I think it works best if you use it preventatively- daily on your arms and legs to keep your skin elastic. “Supple”, even.
It’s more fun if you get help with that, too.
Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Oh, and a heads up on the pharmacy brands:
I’d avoid Mederma. Its made with some kind of onion extract and, you guessed it- smells like onion.
In a sarcastic word? Sexy.