Stretch Marks

Hey guys, since all of us are in the same boat her, I thought it might be useful to share your opinions on how to prevent/get rid of stretch marks. Are there any legitimate creams out there that can prevent future stretch marks from bodybuilding that actually work? Thanks

Why care? Stretch marks are part of the game. They mean you are putting muscle under your skin. Unless you are a professional model/actor, they are rights of passage.

The only sure way to prevent them is slow growth. Give the skin time to react properly. Once they’re there, however, they aren’t going to go away, it’s just a matter of reducing their appearance. Vitamin E creams (some people use vitamin E gel caps and break them on the skin), and skin creams with alpha-hydroxy acids help.

I’ve heard that putting Vitamin E on fresh stretch marks may help the skin heal so they won’t be too bad. Also, if they’re older, I’ve heard Retin-A works pretty well. I have them along my inner bicep on both arms, but I’m saving my tub of Retin-A until this summer. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the advice. Yeah, I heard good things about Retin-A, and have started on that. I’ve been recommended a product called Jimigel by a training instructor I know, so i’ll give them a go.

Anyone know anything about this Jimigel stuff? Any experience with it? It sounds a lot like a hoax to me – the ingredients are just a bunch of typical skin moisturizers and such. I have no idea how that could possibly make scar tissue disappear and new, fresh skin grow in it’s place. Anyone?

retin-a works but its pretty expensive. I used vitamin E cream to fade a large scar from surgery, applying 2x a day, and it worked really well