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Stretch Marks?


Hey so I've been lifting consistently for about 4 months and I've noticed that I am starting to get stretch marks where my chest, delts and arms meet and on my lats. But no fat gain in that area(so its not due to fat gain) is it from my muscle growth, but the only thing are my muscles growin that quickly or is it something else like stretching of my skin from like something else lifting related and is it usual?

Also anyone else experience this) Thanks and I can post some pics if your confused about what I'm sayin. Thanks in advanced


Only everyone lol





Many, many people get this. It's the minority who don't, IMO. I also have them in the rear arm pit from back work, and a few near my knees and inner thigh from leg work.

I suspect it's more from the pumps you get during workouts than from muscle or fat gain. Muscle and fat gain occurs relatively slowly, whereas the pump you get in that area during a workout rapidly expands the musculature there and thus, is probably what causes the stretch marks. Might sound silly, but try rubbing cocoa butter on the affected area before and after you workout.


Honestly, I am more worried that no one else around you is experiencing this.


Yeah dude it you lift this happens. lol. I've got them all over my arm pit/ lat area, biceps, and legs. They fade with time, no biggie. Probably means you're doing it right.


They fade!!....but I like them lol


Abs are good in the chest shoulders and traps, in the belly, not so good.


Exactly, for me it's gotten to the point where I've gotten stretch marks everywhere except my stomach. My neck/traps even have stretch marks, my lats, elbow joint, bicep, my knee joint has A LOT of them, quads have them, calves, ect. It's going to happen as you get bigger.


Yep, nothing to worry about keep growing.


I got stretch marks on my ass cheeks. Which blows because I used to really love wearing thong bikinis but now my cheeks are sooo unsightly.

OP you are good brah. Don't worry bout it like everyone else has said. That purple/reddish coloring on them will disappear they will fade to a more normal skin tone and hardly be noticeable. Especially when your busting out a rear double bi shot with freaking 20 inch guns.


AMEN haha