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Stretch Marks


ive gto stretch marks on the area behind the arm pit where the long head of the tricep and the rear delt meet. Ive also got small ones on my chest and my lats. ive added skuller crushers and 4 times a week rear delt work so i believe that could be the casue of the ones on my arm. Is it normal to get them this bad?
crappy pic but....


My biceps and shoulders are covered in stretch marks I've had since I was 11 when I hit puberty. The red will fade and it'll blend until you're in the sun for a bit. Don't worry about it. Just do what you do, man.


shea butter can help (to a lesser degree)


there are a couple threads on this within site if you do a google search. it shows you grew :slight_smile:
it isn't uncommon.
they will fade in time.


Most bodybuilders, weight lifters, people in the gym lifting heavy and eating big for a serious amount of time have quite a few stretch marks. They'll be red for a while, but eventually fade with time. They'll almost be non apparent when/if you go on a cut and tighten up.


Really depends on how elastic the skin is. It's just as Austin said, most gymrats will have stretchmarks. I also know a few huge guys who don't have any.


I know I am a bit late on this post haha
I wouldnt worry about the stretch marks man. I have plenty on my peck minor, biceps, thighs, and triceps.
They used to bother me when they first started showing up, but you learn to not care. lol
Mine faded within months man. They are starting to come back a bit though, do to bulking, but its a part of getting bigger.


Stretch marks on your pec minor? hehe :slightly_smiling:


Take a zink supp, heard that helps with it, or as another person posted shia butter applied can reduce the scars. I have a few, and although they fade, they never go away so it's probably worth trying to prevent them from starting in the first place. And unfortunately, they are a common side effect of the iron game for those that get big enough.


Same thing happened to me last year they did fade eventually i loved them though it felt like a badge of honor they were manly on my chest and shoulders. Also about a few months ago when i made it my goal to be halfway decent at pullups i got them on my fore arms and biceps those are still here though.


Mine are on my ass and thighs......swear down they can be mistaken for cellulite! :smiley:


Wow old thread resurrection. I don't care anymore. I've got them pretty much everywhere now. Whole back shoulders arms legs traps calves. Gained 15lbs or something.I get looks on my arms cause my triceps covered but whatever. Quarter inch till 16ins


Ive got them all over the place, i started getting them when i was around 15 and had nothing to do with working out...they just started appearing. What sucks though is i seem to be the one exception in that mine havent been fading. Theres some ive had for 10-15 years that are still pinkish.