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Stretch Marks

Okay, here’s the quick run-down. When I was a freshman in HS, I got a weight set for some birthday or holiday or something like that.
Now, obviously I had no idea what I was doing, but I guess I must have been doing something right, because my upper arm grew over 2 inches the summer between my Freshman and Sophomore year. I’m assuming this was probably a combination of the lifting, the fact that I was eating a lot, and that I was mid-puberty and likely having a growth spurt.

While the growth was clearly the desired effect, it also resulted in horrible stretch marks on the inside of both upper arms, from the elbows to the arm pits. This was roughly six years ago, so they've faded a lot and are mostly pink nd shiny. I'm sure most of you women know what I'm talking about. The skin in that area is also slightly looser than over the rest of my body. As in, it's not fat, but if I pinch the skin I can pull it a fair distance from the muscle; much more so than anywhere else on my body (lots of elasticity).

While it's not the end of the world, it really does bother me, and was just wondering if anyone knew of any cures that would either make the marks fade more, or at least tighten the skin. Any help would be greaty appreciated. Thanks guys.

I have them in the same spot. My doctor told me to use Retin-A cream on the area every night. They have noticeably faded over the months.

I love my stretch marks. I think of them as rewards for a job well done.

Well, stretch marks are scar tissue. Anything that treats scar tissue will help. I’ve had good luck with skin creams that contain alpha-hydroxy acids. Vit E may be helpful, but I think it’s more effective at the healing stage.

i have used a cream called Mederma. It has also helped over the months.

Thanks for all the responses guys, I’ll look into those creams and ask my doc for some scar treatment suggestions. I appreciate the help. Thanks again.