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Stretch Marks?


So I've been gaining some nice weight this semester in college, and have added 2inches to my skinny legs (22in to 24 in). They do get up to literally 25 inches when I carb up though, as I'm on a lower carb diet. I say literally because it seems that adding an inch to my legs in a day seems like a lot, but let me know if it isn't.

I'm not too worried about it, that's why its being posted here, but is there anything I should do to help with the stretch marks? I'm mostly concerned if there is something lacking in my diet that may be showing from the stretch marks like a vitamin deficiency or something.

Let me know if there's anything significant I should worry about. It just seems odd that I would get stretch marks from only having 24 inch legs (kinda pathetic the size of them, now that I think about it....)


I just got back into leg training after time off and back injury, and they went from 23 to 25 in a little under two months and I got some stretch marks down the inside of my legs and across my ass. You can get them at any size, it just happens when your muscle grows faster than your skin's rate of expansion. It's not a sign of deficiency or anything.

If anything, they're something to be proud of, as they show that you've made progress.


As you get bigger you get stretch marks. Comes with the territory. As long as they aren't from you being morbidly obese stop worrying about it. Worrying about little stuff like this leads to the paralysis of analysis you see on here that keeps most guys from making any worthwhile progress.


I don't think there is a bodybuilder alive who doesn't have stretch marks.


They're like tattoos but cooler.

To get a tattoo all you need is some disposable income.

The get stretch marks you need lots of time in the gym. (assuming again they're not from being fat/pregnant)


I didn't realize BBers had it so often. Not worried about it, but thanks guys. I'll run with it!


Wait...how the hell is this possible? Have you seen anyone who lifts weights and got big? Didn't they have stretch marks?

If you didn't know this at all then I seriously doubt you will make much progress. People limit themselves by what they see around them. If you didn't even know big guys had stretch marks, then you must not have seen any big guys.

I doubt anyone exists over 200lbs who lifted weights to get there that is lacking stretch marks. You can also see them on most pros in the mags unless they are wearing a shit ton of tanner and oil and you aren't paying attention.


there have been a few threads about stretchmarks already (with pictures from some posters in it as well) Its just part of the deal.

Like Prof X said... if you're getting bigger from lifting weights, your going to have stretch marks.

OP, You got stretch marks on 25 inch legs... dont you think pro BBers with 30+inch legs would have stretch marks as well?


My arms are only 14.5 inches right now (you should have seen how skinny I used to be...) and I already have quite a lot of stretch marks there, as well as a little bit between my pecs and delts. The oldest ones seem to have faded quite a bit. I borrowed some anti-stretchmark cream from my brother's girlfriend after her pregnancy, but I don't think it made much of a difference. Anyway, as lewhitehurst said it comes with the territory.


I think stretch marks are hot.

I was completely turned on by one guy in the gym who was benching, and I could see his stretch marks through the arm holes of his shirt.

Call him my little tiger


No one thinks the stretch marks on my stomach are cool. FML.


The ladies think MINE are... :wink:


Just think of them as extra ab definition... like permanent airbrush


That's because you have them from having super hawt abz, obviously.

Chicks dig that shit


My legs are one giant stretch mark it seems.

I got some weird ones on my mid back that are huge and go horizontally


I have some fairly large ones on the inside of my legs and some smaller ones on the side of my ass.. but thats about it.. actually kind of depressing tbh.


And if you didnt even know MILFs had stretch marks, then...??


Stretch marks look fuckin' gnarly dude. You should be happy.


Raises hand


Aaah, yet another one who claims to be the exception to some general rule meant to describe a majority...yet surprise, NO PICTURE IN THE PROFILE.

That's so cute.

How about you raise your hand after we see what you look like?