stretch marks

I have stretch marks by my armpit’s. i got them about a month ago because my body grew pretty rapidly since i just started lifting again two months ago. they look pretty disgusting and i was wondering if anyone knew what i could do to help fade or get rid of them. thanks alottt.

Just give it time and they’ll fade. I don’t believe there’s any way to fully get rid of them. Mine are virtually invisible now, just given time.

I know of a few women (after pregnancy) who have had good success with alpha-hydroy acid skin lotions. Doesn’t make them totally disappear, but decreases their appearance pretty rapidly. Works with scars as well.

Use MakeUp .


I got them in the same area. A dermatoligist prescribed Retin-A to make them fade. It really made them lighter, but nothing will make them go away. Hope that helps.

hey sounds good… means ya growing! hehehe whats ya workout/nutrition like??? time for me to grow some more! :slight_smile: