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Stretch Marks

I post this not as a cry for sympathy, but as a means to find info on the subject. I post in this forum because i believe my stretch marks are steroid induced.

Basically its gotten fucking ridiculous. What started out as a few lines i could confidently say where due to fast muscle growth have got completely out of control. I now have stretch marks starting at my shoulder and extending all the way down to my elbow and over my biceps, such that wearing t-shirts is getting problematic.

I dont really know why ive got them either. I’m not even that big by T-Nation standards, maybe a 3 on the ‘rate my physique’ section. Iv’e done 2 cycles in the past, a dbol only (yes, i know), a test/dbol and am currently on an avavar cycle. I think it might be down to poor collagen synthesis? Who knows.

Does anyone else have this problem, and what did you do to help reduce its appearance. I know they’ll never fade completly, and using bio-oil type lotions can help - but how did you deal with it, and has anyone else got it to the same extent i have? I’m only 22 and am a student, so topless activity features fairly often…

Pics on request

Cheers for any help.

If the stretch marks are as bad as you say they are, then there is a formula called StriVectin. Nothing will diminish the stretch marks for good, but this seems to be a good choice.

I, myself, don’t mind the light purpleish-pink ringworm lines along my outer chest/delt and upper lats. They (stretch marks) let me know that I am growing and I kind of enjoy seeing them get bigger.

Two words, WAR WOUNDS.

lots of lotion, and frequently

[quote]getfast24 wrote:
lots of lotion, and frequently

We are still talking about stretch marks, aren’t we?

vit e
and also this dosent work for now but they do fade and blend in to the skin after time

the sun helps
I have lots of them from rapid weight gain

abut look at it this way if your not fat and you have strech marks they look better because they are caused from the muscles

[quote]BestDaddyEver wrote:
getfast24 wrote:
lots of lotion, and frequently

We are still talking about stretch marks, aren’t we?



[quote]Newb1 wrote:

Two words, WAR WOUNDS.[/quote]

that is exactly what i call them. i have got about 100 little half inchers all on the inside of my bis and tris, and huge ones connecting my chest and shoulders and on my upper lats. personally i like them, hell im proud of mine, becuase they are war wounds in a sense.

and they serve as a little reminder, whenever they start to fade a little it tells me i need to eat a little more or work a little harder in the gym, when they turn red i know im growing. i dont know if this is acually true, but its what gets me going.

I had loads of really deep durple stretchmarks on my chest/lats/bis/tris/hams… most places really.

At first you think they’re cool, but the novelty soon wears off.

Anyway, I tried various potions and supplements to get rid of them, none of which gave dramatic results.

However, they have faded so much now so I basically can’t notice them. It only took about 2 years, lol.

One thing which may have helped is that I take around 10-20g fish oil ED.

It seems that the fish oil doesn’t stop the development of new marks because I found a new one yesterday on my right pec. That’s DoggCrapp for you :wink:

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[quote]BestDaddyEver wrote:
getfast24 wrote:
lots of lotion, and frequently

We are still talking about stretch marks, aren’t we?



I would also like to know about your vitamin C and E intake.

Rub some cocoa butter on there, bud.

I dont really know how to help you, but for myself all the strech marks came before I even knew what roids looked like. And it was after a 8 pound gain in a couple of weeks. Nothing major (though still my best gains ever up to that point), and I certainly wasnt huge! So, the cause is probably not roids, though who knows.

Though as I was freaked out and the Internet wasnt an option back then, I went to a supplement store and asked the huge roided BB there, and yeah, he talked about vitamin E and stuff as posted above but then he showed me HIS stretch marks. Man, I thought he’d been attacked by a pack of lions.

BTW mine are still there but they are not very noticeable except for the left bicep. They have taken a white color over time, and since most are under the armpits, shoulders, and on inside of the quads, they are not in ya face. When they are blood red they really stand out but they eventually fade. The “holes” in the skins remain though.

Guys, thanks so much for the replys. Its reassuring to hear that other people have experienced this as well. Guess thats what happens if you train properly right?!

Newb1 - cheers for the info, i’ll have a look at the product.

Dylanj - i know exactly what you mean. Although i’m not trying to encourage their growth their colour is a fairly good indication of progress being made.

Dave_ - No, i’m not getting enough fish oils. I’m living at home at the moment, so its fairly difficult to control my diet. Heck, its hard enough having shakes let alone anything else i’d like to be taking. Just this morning my Mother mentioned in conversation that i ‘look like i’m on steroids’ which freaked me out just a bit. I’ve got 500 dbols, 6g of anavar, 20ml test, clomid, nolva and adex all hidden around the home…:confused:

AlteredState - I get the RDA at least. I understand that may not be enough for people who train, but that’d be the minimum. I certainly dont get crazy 1g-like doses if thats what you mean. I’m 230lb’s if that helps.

Thanks again for your time, its much appreciated.

Thanks for the reply SwD. Maybe we both seem to suffer from naturally slow collagen synthesis, my skin scars pretty easily as well. Your seem to be luckier than me with yours though - i have all the standard ones, armpits, shoulders etc, but they also cover my biceps and triceps such that they can be seen when wearing short sleeved clothes. I even have them on my knees!

Good job the English weather is crap!

One that s dermatologist I know has recommended and worked for me is to get the Vitamin E caps, poke a hole in them, and rub the oil on the marks. You can find lotions with vitamin E in it, but sometimes it is refered to as one of its chemical names–Tocopherol (Acetate).

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Cheers AlteredState - no offence taken. I guess i need to revaluate my thoughts on vitamin doseages. 5g ED seems like a massive dose to me though! Have you encountered any sides supplementing at that level?

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Done some reading and you seem to be correct AlteredState. Not that i doubted you of course, my scientific side needs to see journeled evedence thats all! I’m going to pick up some vit C tabs, start on say a gram a day, and tailor it up as my body responds.

I’m not expecting any changes, but maybe a slow in the rate they are appearing. Coupled with a vit E oil, fish oil and anavar hopefully i’ll be able to minimise their growth.

Thanks for all the help.

Melanotan II will hide the scars. Quite a while back in another forum we discusses this with both women and men adding their experiences.
I got chemical burned a few years ago and had “spots” that wouldn’t tan and made me look like un-fixable acne had occurred.

I tried MT-II and not only did the scars tan up evenly, but they are still “tan” with or without a trip to the tanning booth.
The stuff is unbelievable in how well it works.
BTW, I used to burn and peel, and burn and peel ad infinitum, but now I just tan, and tan dark.

I thought this would help.