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Stretch Marks Under Arms

Hello I started getting really bad stretch marks on my underarm area. I was wondering if any of y’all experienced this, and if y’all know of any treatments to make it go away. Thank you

I started getting them on my biceps about a year ago and started using cocoa butter that contains vitamin E along with supplementing vitamin B12 and drinking a smoothie of blended fruits and veggies in the morning for the antioxidants and enzymes. Since then the stretch marks haven’t grown anymore and don’t seem to be as noticeable as it looks like they’re fading.

Use to be a badge of honor…


tiger earning your stripes

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Looking to get rid of my fat boy stretch marks on my love handles. Will the above advice work on these?

Fully agree with @bulldog9899 be proud you’ve made progress and grown!
But if you are looking for a treatment try bio-oil, i was recommended this after i had an operation leaving me with some scars on my knee, never actually used it so cant say if it works or not though.

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Stretch Marks from being fat = BAD
Stretch Marks from rapid Muscle growth in key locations=BAD ASS


Neosporin and cocoa butter should help… But, like many of them have already said, I’m proud of mine. my right side isn’t nearly as bad, but my left side has a narly stretch mark about 6 inches in length, atleast a quarter inch width and it branches off into two in the middle…

welcome to the new millennia
Where men care more about stretch marks, than being a strong, capable… Man.

Kidding. Not really.
If anything, it’s a story to tell your lady friend.
Because that’s the only reason you care about it anyway, right?


it’s funny that the dude from Jersey wearing a flat brimmed hat in a shirtless selfie is telling someone to be less superficial on a bodybuilding forum.

I’m glad I don’t have them. It’s not a sign of being a man. It’s a sign of ‘I didn’t take care of my skin properly and now I have marks that will show that to be the case for the rest of my life.’ The muscles are the badge of honor, not the stretch marks.

I do like scars though.


Hey Flip it still does not change the fact that they use to be a badge of honor in many old school gyms before your time … Over 20 plus years ago. It would seem that some still might share that view point.


Lol, that fuckin show ruined Jersey forever.
I have stretch marks; under my arms and mostly in my inner thighs. I can see how people can be self conscious about it. Was just teasing, didn’t think I was gonna be white knighted for it.
And I’d be lying if I said I don’t enjoy the fruits of training in the mirror, but my intent is hardly superficial. I train to be capable, and that’s what my body decided to contort to. So be it. I don’t do a single exercise for superficial reasons, other than for postural alignment and imbalance.
@bulldog9899 I show mine off too. Tell em about summer 08 when all I did was heavy ass fuckin squats and my legs exploded.


bulldog: I’ll readily admit that if I did have stretch marks, I’d probably feel the same. I’d be proud of them. I re-read what I said, and it didn’t really come out the way I wanted. What I should have said was more along the lines of: The muscles/strength are the goal, whatever comes with that is ancillary and relatively unimportant. Something along those lines. I like ya, don’t want to come across negatively towards you. My comment was more towards Jarvan and the way he addressed it. I think I’ve literally never had a problem with your perspective.

Jarvan: yes, Jersey is forever tainted by the likes of Snookie and the Situation.

Neither of us train for aesthetics. I just think it’s a nice side effect of the hard work I put in, but if you’ve followed me at all, you know my goals have nothing to do with looks. So we’re in the same boat there. And at the end of the day, if I was given the choice between having stretch marks and not having them, with the same physique, I have a hard time imagining that I would choose the stretch marks. Just how I see it, I have no idea if that’s how you would.

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I’m just curious about your taking care of your skin comment. When I first got some I tried a lot to get rid of them and couldn’t even when I’d grown very little. Luckily now I’m not bothered about them. What can you do to avoid them though?

yea, nothing you can really do about them once they are there. Prevention is key. I learned about what products to use to prevent stretch marks when my ex wife was pregnant. She’s a licensed cosmetologist. When she was telling me about all the stuff she used on her skin to prevent stretch marks, it seemed pretty suspect to me, but she ended up with absolutely no stretch marks at the end of everything. And loose skin went back to normal very quickly as well. Coconut oil was a big one, she used that daily. Oil in general, keeping the skin soft and healthy is really the key. No matter how fast we grow from lifting weights, there’s no way we’re growing more or faster than a pregnant woman, so what they do is definitely noteworthy. So if you want more productive advice, search on google for ‘preventing pregnancy stretch marks’. Have fun with that :wink:


There is little you can do.
Eventually they will turn white.
If you tan it’s almost impossible to see.
But you can try to use all these products.
I did not, so i am not an expert on this.