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Stretch Marks Like a Mofo


I am having stretch marks EVERYWHERE. triceps, inner biceps, quads, lats

WTF I dont want to stop working out... fuck that. Super red stretch marks, on shoulders too I gained lots of lb 6lb~

What do you guys do to minimize this( other then not working out)? And how will it look in 10yrs from now
Note I put all that cream and shit on to moisturize etc
Not fun having these stretch marks


join the club mate. my glutes are starting to look like a roadmap with all the stretchmarks on my ass lool. doesnt mean i would stop squatting and deadlifting though!

i think the redness fades over time but i dont think its easy to remove then completely (or at all for that matter).

pretty sure there have been other threads on tihs topic :slight_smile:


Bio oil, rosehip oil or cocoa butter.


Wait...we're supposed to get rid of stretch marks now?


I want more stretch marks in the right places haha.....in time though!

none of those clearly from being fat around the hips and lower.


Nothing works, if something did work no pregnant women would get stretch marks. The only thing to do is to lift more until you get more and then be proud.


you cant get rid of them, they turn white after a while though.


They do?


Slowly fade away yes I know, but I wondering if the stretch marks was also due to false movements not knowing how to properly perform, or doing them too fast etc


Yes when the stretch marks heals


You could also tan and make them blend in too


apparently the redness is blood trapped between layers of skin. this i have heard can be surgically removed...worth the effort? i hardly think so.

they do fade eventually

that oil crap doesn't do shit



Stretchmarks are formed by the tissue under the skin growing faster than the skin itself. It is POSSIBLE for skin that is about to form one to tear if you injure a certain area because I had one pop up like that after hitting a barbell with my shoulder...but one appeared on the other shoulder in the same spot soon afterwards.

Further, if you are more concerned with stretch marks than the muscle you build, you may not be cut out for this.

Stretch marks come with the territory. Not one pro on stage is lacking them...some of them really bad like Sean Allen. That dude is nothing but stretch marks especially on his legs.

trust me, get your legs to 30" and you'll have marks all over also.


I made an issue of the color because not everyone is the same race.

Surprised people thought my question was serious.

The red color would be due to you tearing the skin. It is a scar. That is all it is.


Yes... Be prepared to wake up and look like a zebra any day now


I have them all over my hamstrings and inner thighs, but my upper body skin genetics are fucking beast and I only have a couple small ones.




Can't believe you're the only one to pick up on this.

X with any luck mine will all turn black and we can start a double act. Little and large or something.


So i guess Kai Green should start looking like a Zebra around right now.


My stretch mark pattern is 'paisley'.