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Stretch Marks....is This Normal?


I have seen some threads on this site regarding stretch marks, but I often see guys a lot bigger than me with a lot fewer marks. These are pictures taken with my camera phone so the quality is low, but I was wondering if these stretch marks are really as freaky as they look to me.


Same shoulder, different angle.


This is on my left lat. As you can see, I am not all very big, but I have a ton of stretch marks, at least to me I do. Just wondering if anyone else has anything that looks like this or does my skin just really hate stretching more than most peoples.


I used to have some pretty mean ones on my stomach from being so fat and they looked very similar to yours. Odd place for you to get them though. Well, mine went away after I lost 80 pounds, and I applied generic stretch mark lotion fairly frequently. That and vitamin E lotion. I swear by it for getting rid of them.


Everyone I know who trains and put on considerable size including myself have got stretch marks. Just get a tan.


This is kinda the answer I figured I would get. Its not that I am super self conscience about them or anything, I was more or less curious if anyone else gets them to this extent.


Is this from weight loss or bulking? Those look fairly new cause of the redness.


I started lifting seriously last November, I have gotten A LOT bigger and stronger than I was, but I also wouldn't go so far as to say that I have completely blown up.


I still can't figure out, based on your avatar, if you are male or female.


Some people get them and some people don't. My gym partner has some in the same place, though not as badly. I've seen a lot of people get them in highschool from just growth spurts, even if they were 110lbs soaking wet at 6 foot.


Yeah, I am about 6'2" 245, since last November I have gained about 30 pounds, with a little bit of fat gain.


Remember that skin flexibility can vary a lot, so it's not weird to see a monster with less stretch marks than you. I just hope we don't find you posting you didn't want to get bigger because of the stretch marks.


No, I'm not a pussy.


You can put Mederma on them and it will help. You can buy it at any drugstore (CVS, Walgreens, etc.)

It's a bit expensive, but it works.

I kinda like my stretch marks though.


It's good that you know that.


any chance you can throw a link to what you used? I also have a ton of stretch marks around stomach/lovehandle/side of chest areas from being pretty fat, 300->180lb and they are still pretty bad.


that is the most common spot to get stretch marks if your gaining. buy some cocoa butter and apply daily. getting a tan also helps. they'll fade eventually


those stretch marks are nothing. i went from 130 lbs to 240lbs in a year and a half. you can imagine how bad mine are. take them as a good sign


I am quite male, just very female looking, resulting in much pussy-getting. As for whoever asked for what stretch mark cream I used, I've used quite a few and they all seem to work with varying degrees of success. However, plain ol' cheap vitamin E lotion is all you need in my opinion. It took about three years for mine to fade until I couldn't see them anymore.


as everyone said tan, cocoa butter, but also make sure you increase your skin nutrition. I'm not an expert on the stuff, but their are foods that help with elasticity and skin growth.