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Stretch Marks From Lifting/the Pump?

Not sure where this question fitted so I threw it in Off Topic. Lately been noticing some weird marks on my biceps that look like stretch marks, but I’m confused why they’re there because my arms definitely haven’t gotten that much bigger - it’s not like I’ve suddenly gotten (or ever been) super fat or super swole so I was surprised to see them.

Anyway that got me thinking about possible reasons. One idea that I had - is it possible to get stretch marks from the pump? Surely the fact that your skin is getting stretched out like that - your arms might get up to an inch bigger in some cases - could lead to stretch marks?

What are your thoughts? Have you ever had stretch marks from lifting?

I think most people who lift have some stretch marks from it and bicep ones seem to come really easily. Same for me with ones on my chest and inner thigh. They’ll naturally fade after a while if you’re bothered about them.

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Figures. I suppose you usually don’t see people talking about it, hence why I was wondering. Doesn’t bother me too much since it’s not super prominent, and as you say they do begin to fade.

I remember looking it up when I first got them and couldn’t find much about them too.

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I’ve got some awesome ones on my legs, and some smaller ones in my bis and chest. Personally I like seeing new ones - means sometimes going right and I’m not overly bother about the aesthetic - only really the Mrs that sees them.

I’d guess the pump can cause them because like you my arms haven’t grown but I have got new marks previously.

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I’ve had stretch marks on my thighs since I was a kid. Just always had pretty solid legs (not calves though, haha).

I’ve heard you can get them from loosing size (I assumed both muscle and fat). Anybody ever lost weight or taken a break lifting and lost size and noticed this?

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I feel this, lol.

I haven’t heard that before actually, how would that work? Is it just that the skin sort of starts to fold along the stretch mark lines already there, making them more prominent?