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Stretch Marks And Weightloss

I have been using HOT-ROX for 3 weeks along with the mutation series and it is working great, but what do I do about these stretch marks? I see a few stretch marks showing up, is there any way to deal with this and how did you guys deal with this issue when losing weight?

My wife used cocoa butter for her stretch marks - worked pretty good. I’ve also heard that rubbing Vit. E on the affected area helps as well - jus poke a hole in the capsule and dribble it on.

jebus h christ. cant do shit about stretch marks. they are there to stay. its ripped collagen fibers. They dont go away they get lighter with time like other scars

You didn’t get the stretch marks from losing weight. They just became more noticeable. They will fade in time… and for people to see most of mine I would have to be in a thong or less and within 6 feet or so.

Would the same vitamin E method work on pimples and other scars? Does Vitamin A help at all…?