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stretch marks and lifting

the title preety much explains what my question is going to be. i lift 4 days in a week and ive added something like 32 pounds in 4-5 months time. recently(3-4 days ago) i noticed stretch marks in the area where my arms meet my chest, near my arm pits. is this normal or am i doing something wrong? is there a way to make em go away?

thank you


Very normal. I’ve met very few lifters without them. There’s a thread already started about makeing them go away, but the consensus is that the creams you see don’t really work and/or are too expensive.

Wear your stretch marks with pride

“Streth marks are nature’s tattoos”

You should lay off the juice.
32 elbees. in 4-5 mos? damn.

A search for “stretch marks” over
<-------------- there will lead you to a couple recently discussed threads about preventing and treating stretch marks.

I got them too. At first I was freaked out. Then I was told I was getting bigger. I said cool, Mag-10 is working for me.

I wish I was getting stretch marks.

How did you put on 35lbs in 4 months?

normal… i started cutting weight when i saw them… now i have less noticeable scar tissue

Merlin has the right idea. Wear them with pride.

didnt do steroids, just good old protein. i worked out 4 times a week, basicly did mostly CTs work. heres some links

my program is basicly the one that CT has on the back article, and i added exercises from the other articles and from tmag.

thank you all for the info.

nothing can make stretch marks go away, stretch marks are formed becuase of ripped collagen fibers, and there gonna stay that way.


Hey i have stretch marks bad too. It is caused by nutritional problems. Go to your local health food store and pick up some Flax seed oil capsules. take that and eat more fish to get your body these important oils and eventually they will get smaller or go away entirely.