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Stretch mark mass ?


I'm very interested in this idea and plan on implementing it in my training starting today. Here's my problem/question. I'm on a MASS cycle right now and the d-bol leaves me soo pumped I'm in pain by my 2nd or 3rd set. Being that aas use can increase the risk of muscle tears, should I not use this method. BTW, pain is not an issue since I'm a masochistic wackjob. However and injury is obviously not acceptable.




Wait until your cycle is over. Your muscles are taking enough of a beating.


I don't have an answer. Just wanted to say that I tried holding the weighted dip stretch position today for thirty seconds after my ME bench day and it is wicked!


i tried holding an incline flye position on bench today and only lasted 15-20 seconds. i'm giving it a try just because i need flexibility for sports but i'm pretty skeptical about the whole 'slabs of muscle' claim


Well I gave it a shot after my last set of phase 2 quad and ham day on CT's pendulum bb. Couldn't hold out for much more than 10-15 secs. on the quad stretch after squats. As for the lower back/glute/ham stretch after romanian dl's NO _UCKING WAY! Pain is one thing but that's just asking for injury. I'll be dropping the d-bol soon so I'll give it another shot. BTW no unusual soreness to report. However I did get a solid 10 hrs sleep/drink a shake around 3:00/and lie in the hot tub for about an hr so I'm sure that helped in addition to my "supplements".