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Stretch Band Training for MMA

If you watch enough MMA you notice that the athletes often have to demonstrate their strength in many angles. Stretch bands would be perfect for training this type of strength.

Pull bands across the front of your body in many different angles to achieve strength in many different angles.

I’ve seen some BTT and Chute Boxe training videos where Sperry and Shogun were using tubes in rather unusual ways.

Shogun had attached some to a column and was throwing Thai kicks with them while Sperry had his wrapped around the security grill on the window (!) and…was jerking them as quickly as he could, kinda like he was doing some weird, off balance rows.

I thought they were both interesting techniques, although I’ve always been under the impression that kicking with what are effectively ankle weights is bad for your joints.

Matt Furey likes bands to work your pecs.


I use the bands to do jerky row type motions. Great for gi takedown simulations. You can also hang the band higher than your head and rip down and toward you, like a head snapdown.

There are a lot of things you can do that are fun and help with mma. You can hook the band up to a belt and shoot away from the wall.

They shouldn’t take the place of lifting though. Just another fun tool. Also, using them with weights like westside is great.

I do Minimal punching with bands. I actually like to rotate really hard while holding the band sort of in a hook punch motion more than straight punching w/bands…which I rarely do.

I’ve seen videos of Fedor doing Judo throws against band resistance. Just another fun tool, they’re worth having for stretching alone.