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Stressed Out

Well today while driving to the gym I got t-boned just as i was crossing the last half off the westbound lanes. Might have been my fault, might have been his doesn’t even matter. My car looks like a boomerang and i’m just wanted to scream my face off and smash my face through my front windshield. Cops come do that statement thing i’m sent home with a 175$ ticket which makes life even better but the worst part is i didn’t even get to go to the gym.

So an hour after i even settle down enough to breath i walk back to the gym and just rage on the weights. More than i’ve ever done before, moving them faster than ever before. I walk out and my legs feel like spaghetti after all those squats. But on a more important note i feel better. I guess the point is I would go insane if i could not lift and would probably become some type of insane criminal. Thank god for heavy weights.

I was going to ask if you’re okay, but the workout suggests that you are. But BOY are you probably going to be stiff and sore tomorrow from the combo!

My car got totaled 5 years ago (clearly the other guy’s fault, to everyone but him), and the physical damage to me kept me out of the gym for a solid year. You’re actually pretty lucky.

Did you brace your neck while doing your squats so you can win your case when you sue for millions later?

“I swear I have whiplash! Check out the neck brace I was wearing after the crash! So what if I aso have a 300lb barbell on my back!”

That’s an interesting idea… Maybe it’s not too late? I do have cruches lying around my house… hmmm.

But I’d never ever do that. If I’m not injured i’d never pretend to be. And if i can still walk i’m not injured so i’ll just take my frustrations out in the gym and let my gains be compesation or having a written off car.