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Stressed Cartilage in Upper Rib

As title states i have a horrible pain in my ribs and the dr said i stressed the cartilage in rib. Anyone experienced this and if so how’d you treat it during workouts? So far im pushing thru workouts. But lose my breathe very fast and immediately have to rush to a fan or outside after sets. At nights i wrap with ace bandage and use my prescription artic chill rub thats like icy hot on juice!

Lookin for advice sorry if im hard to understand. I have a hearing/ear problem so making sentences has always been tough.

Hey man, I tore some cartilage in my ribs and trained right through it. It hurts, but it can’t really do much damage. Remember 3 aleve is equal to prescription strength, just take it easy and use them when needed as long term use can destroy your kidneys.

A few weeks shouldn’t be horrible though.

Ya been training thru it. Ill try the alieve tomorrow. Its hard to lift heavy chest and back but im working thru it. Thanks for your inout.

best of luck