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Stress, Thyroid, Low T


I'm starting a new thread because my old one got buried and the subject was no longer accurate.

I've got low T (212) and lowish free T as well.

I also have hypothyroidism, apparently. My tsh is 5.26. And stress, which just came on in the past two months.

I've got no energy and I'm sleeping all the time. I'm taking synthroid but my testosterone seems to be going lower. I've read that thyroid replacement should boost T.

I'm wondering if I should go off the synthroid, wait longer for it to work (I don't think it's working) or if I should get on trt.

Something tells me that I should go off the synthroid because it's making me feel worse. I think somehow it is lowering my T but I can't find any info on it causing that.


I had a bad experience with synthroid. Switched to armour, natural desiccated thyroid. It's got all the thyroid hormones not just t4. Much better. Read up on it.

I take half the dose in the morning and half at 3pm.

You should have your thyroid dialed before trt. Tsh close to 1.0 seems to be the most common advice from knowledgeable members.


Please get a thyroid ultrasound and test for TPO and thyroblulin antibodies. This should be done whenever there is thyroid problems to rule out more serious thyroid issues.

Check temps and labs for free t3 and free t4 and go from there. Some people do better on armour.


Will look into it. Is it more likely the stress or the synthroid causing my testosterone to drop? To me it seems to be the synthroid. I've had stress before and it didn't affect my t this much.


Will check temps this week. FT3 was 3.5 and FT4 was 1.3. My TPO abs are 14 (< 35) meaning negative.


Even if TPO is negative thyroglobulin AB can be positive.

Ultrasound rules out any nodules or cysts.

Optimally your meds should have you close to TSH 1.0 with about 3.3 FT3 1.4 FT4 and good body temps.


I freaked out on that shit. Serious anxiety which is extremely rare for me. Most certainly caused a massive stress response.


I got some strange results back from my last blood test while on Synthroid. Free T is flagged high, serum is flagged low. I'm going back to the old thread "Free T is Fine, but Total T is Low" because KSMan replied there.