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Stress Reaction on Bone and Bone Edema


I benched 335 last February, about a full year ago, and I can barely push 275 now.

Off and on for the past year I've had pain in my left bicep / elbow / tendon area, I figured it was a slightly torn tendon.

I'd go a month fine, then one workout would really set it off, burning, weak feeling, just no strength. Never a sharp pain, just a dull, weak feeling, and that pain would continue for a couple days straight.

Finally went to the doc, got an mri, and that showed a bone edema in my marrow. Went to a specialist, he did an xray, saw a stress reaction in another area of my bone.

So, he consulted with some sports specialists and they said this is common, but what isn't common is it to last for a full year almost, which is about how long it has lasted.

he recommended 6 weeks rest of the arm, i'm going to take 9. I will still squat and dead, but no curl, push, etc that will tax that area. Squats irritates it sometimes.

Has anyone else had this type of injury? If so, how did you heal?


Never had the injury, so I can’t comment there. But, if squats irritate it (and it makes some sense that it would), try using a safety squat bar for the 9 weeks you’re taking it easy.


The gym I go to doesn’t have one of those, thanks for the suggestion though.


I cant’ even squat anymore, the pain is too much. Anyone have any experience with this type of injury?