Stress questions

I’ve read this in a bunch of different places. 1. somebody please define stress 2.what kind of stress? emotional? physical? just being really busy with ‘lots on one’s plate’? is it catabolic? I’m sure someone in a physical pabour job has plenty of stress (eg. former KGB agent foreman, pressure to work faster, etc) & they don’t seem to have any trouble ‘training’ & getting stronger. So why does stress have such a negative effect? Is it just that people don’t feel like training when they’re stressed out, so they shrink, or what?

Stress can probably be defined as any form of overstimulation (e.g. mental or physical) for a prolonged period, that may be harmful to health…

From this, I’d advise you do a search on: adrenal glands/system, cortisol, as these are highly involved in the stress response.

good article, really deep actually, in the latest mens health. it identifies fear as the root of stress and methods from there on how to eliminate “stress”