Stress Management Tips

Hey fellas.

I recently read “How to Change” (great book), and one recommended strategy was “copy paste.” Essentially, you find someone in your life who’s really good at something, and you copy and paste their strategies into your own life.

I want to get better at managing stress. I’m a Type A, driven guy, and I want to make a big impact through my work, make lots of money, be an amazing husband and dad, and stay healthy. However, I also tend to be anxious. These two obviously go hand-in-hand for many.

I want to try copy paste. Unfortunately, seemingly everyone I know in my personal circle is either:

  1. Type A and stressed like hell
  2. Not stressed, but also not motivated – they have no edge

So, question for fellow driven guys who have learned to minimize stress: what are your go-to strategies?

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Usually lifting heavy and working my ass off at the gym.

Trusting that you won’t let your family down, and won’t allow yourself to fail at your personal goals can go a long way. I can’t say this method is anxiety-free, but believing in yourself as the leader of your family, and knowing that you are responsible for your own success can go a long way.

I’m a far shot from a life coach, but i can say that belief in yourself is one of the most powerful tools you have.


I honestly recommend you start with yourself before copy-pasting role models.

Practice wind-down techniques. If mindfulness doesn’t do it for you - start out by forcing yourself to a yoga-class once a week? Might even improve your gains because of the change in stimulus.

Another option would be to see a psychologist for behavioural change in your desired direction, maybe to adjust your “life compass”.

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Trying to achieve balance is incredibly stressful. Working super hard toward a singular goal at the expense of all else is frankly very easy.

If you are trying to always achieve balance you will always be crazy stressed thinking about what’s next, and constantly weighing if you are doing too much or too little. Instead, try to be very aware of what you are doing in the moment and have a singular focus on and in that moment. Then, when that activity/responsibility/time ends move on to the next thing with singular focus. It’s not always possible to be fully present (my work does not allow for it), but try to find ways to break up your day into periods you can be fully present for and fully invested in that moment.

Also, I’ve been smoking teeny tiny amounts of weed most nights for the past 20 years. That helps me unwind, reflect and helps me be more present after along day at work.


I’m bad with this (stress management) myself but I’ve heard good things about a bit of guided meditation and mindfulness stuff especially before bed so u get the boost of better stress management and better sleep.

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This is amazing advice.

Absolute :fire: my friend.

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Don’t get married and don’t have children


Too late

I’ve got a gooooood one!



Taking a nap… herbal tea, meditation, yoga, go for a run, talk to your wife about the cause of your stress

Listen to music, breathing exercises, mindfulness programs and more

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Great stuff bro. I’d LOVE to try boxing but have hip surgery in 2 weeks. I’m gonna try some of the other stuff!

Starting with Meditation is a highly recommended way of beginning on this path.

Guided meditation, for me, is helping with stress, anxiety and structure. As I’m able to see clearer through emotions and prioritise my own needs above others.
Journalling and tracking good habits have helped me become more mindful too.

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