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stress fractures....

anyone ever had these before? i’ve been suffering through these for about 6 months which is killing me because i’m a bobsled athlete. any places you guys have found info, as i have had a tough time finding any. thanks alot.

From the american academy of orthopedic surgeons:


Bottom line: if you do not rest the injured body part, you may go on to a conventional fracture.

thanks man…i’ll take a look. i don’t know if you’ve ever been through these but they are killer.

I had a stress fracture of the femur when long-distance running. Had to rest it for 12 weeks to get complete healing. Luckinly I was into triathlon at the time, so I had 2 other sports I could do to keep myself from going insane. If you’ve been struggling with it for 6 months, I’d have to ask if you’re sure it’s a stress fracture.

i’m pretty sure it is…i have had 2 bone scans done and both came back postive for stress fractures. i read on the first site posted that it may become chronic which may have occured because last bobsled season i fought though what my coach convinced me was shin splints. he had me doing single leg bounds, tons of hurdle jumps, and sprinting on freaking asphault roads. i really hope they aren’t chronic as i have no idea what to do if they are. thanks for the imput guys

i’m kind of suffering through the same thing. last dec. i got what i’m pretty sure was a stress fracture [never had it diagnosed] in my left shin. i was pretty much out of commision for just under 4months. the only thing that helped was doing NOTHING and icing it all the time. about a week ago, it started acting up again, but without the same level of pain. i really dont wanna stop liftin and hoopin, everything is goin really well now and i’m gettin into a serious groove.having said that, if it starts hurtin i’ll take time off until i feel better. i’m off to practice, so all info is greatly appreciated
yall be good, flash

do you know if there are any surgery or major methods of recovery? i’d do anything to make these better. also how about ultrasound?

i just read that micheal bennett (rb for the minnesota vikings) had surgery and was back in about 2 months, just as fast as he was before. has anyone had surgery on a stress fracture?

the only thing that worked for me is staying off of it completely. when it first happened, i’d feel a little bit better and go out on it and set myself back a couple of weeks. its when i didnt do any running,jumping,or lifting on it that it felt completely better, and that took at least a couple of months. its starting to act up again,so i’m about to ice it and keep it elevated for 1/2hr or so. also, do you have a permanent knot? i have a disfigured bump from the first time it happened, and it never went away.
good luck with it brotha

Bennett is an elite athelete with nothing but money, time, and access to the best docs and rehab staff in the free world. I also heard that the surgery he had is just basically a patchwork job and he will have to have more extensive surgery after the season is over.

man i’d do anything to get better. if surgury means i can’t be back untill 2005 then so be it. the olympics is my goal and i don’t want to just be there, i want to be a threat. i live in canada so alot of our stuff is paid for through health coverage plus we get special arrangements as well. i’m gonna start icing more and maybe stop as much impact as possible. i’m also taking calcium, magnesium, vit d, and boron. thanks for the imput guys.

I’m very short on time now but to the basics:


  2. basics: enough protein, sleep, water basic multi and vitamin c (minimum 500 mg twice a day).

  3. Things that decrease inflammation will help. This means fish oil (DHA/EPA) or salmon, sardines, etc. There are also proteolytic enzymes which are very useful to decrease inflammation.

If you want more info, just ask, but if you do not avoid aggrivating your injury, nothing else you do will let it heal.


thanks scott. i would appreciate as much info as possible. i’m really debating going through surgery.