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stress fracture

I believe I have a ulna stress fracture. I haven’t gone to the doctor, because I’m almost certain that is what it is and they can rarely tell anyway. I was just wondering if there was anyone else that has had an ulna (forearm)stress fracture and if there was a certain type of program you could maintain, while still allowing the fracture to heal. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Stress fractures are usually the result of overuse injuries e.g. military recruits get stress fractures of the bones in their feet from marching. Stress fractures of the ulna are unusual at best. Have you been doing lots of handstand pushups? Why do you think you have a stress fracture of the ulna? The treatment, if that is what you really have is to stop the overuse.

Well as odd as it may seem I’m almost sure it is the ulna, since that is the bone in which I feel the pain. It doesn’t hurt much doing head stand push-ups, but does when I curl and do bent rows? Go figure? Anyway, I’ve cut bent rows out for a while and have reduced my curl weight. So if I cut the “major” problem movements out for the time being should that be enough to bring my arm back to full strength? Just curious as to what you guys think. I doubt I could stay out of the gym very long and remain sane…

Does it hurt when you do hammer curls? I injured myself in the same way and found that curls for about two and a half weeks were too painful. I iced it, massaged it, and stretched my forearm. I was able to do hammer curls. I just made sure that I squeezed the hell out of the db even more than I already do and that really helped.

Greg, Yeah I don’t have a problem with hammer curls, but regular curls are another story. I’ve been icing it down and all that… Did it eventually get better with your regular routine or did you take another approach. Interested to know.

I dont know which bone is the ulna but if u are talking about when u curl and u get a pain on the bottom of your forarm like underneath pointing to the floor, i have experienced pain while doin curls there if thats where it is i think that its just a strained muscle and u should lighten the weight.

It took time. Dont know if you have ever heard of Tiger Balm but that really helped it a lot. The red one not the white. The red can burn like fire but works best. White is a bit more than bengay. It doesnt smell the same though. This just happened to me about 5 weeks ago so I know the pain well. Yesterday I hit bi’s hard the other day for the first time and felt it a little bit but not as much. I just think it didnt remember the punishment that it used to take. :slight_smile: It will learn.
I did ice the hell out of it then tiger balm while I slept.

Eddie, the pain doesn’t really come from the under side doing curls, but more from the inside edge of the arm and about 3 inches below the wrist. You can feel it in the bone.
Greg, I’ll try some of that red tiger balm. Doubt I’ll see much improvement by Friday, but the Bi’s are getting hit whether they like it or not. Thanks for the posts fellas.

Just make sure and give it time. I hit my back hard last night and could feel it when I was doing my pullups. You described the spot perfectly. I think I am going to lay off it a bit more. It might not have been ready to take the punishment as much as I would have liked it to be. I dont want this to be an ongoing injury and have it bugging me the rest of my life.