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Stress During Cycle

I’m just curious …Does stress has some direct effect on muscle growth, even on juice? I know that cortisol(stress hormone) reduces tst production, but what it is like on roids? Thanks for response.

Stress can play a huge part in muscle growth, fat loss, fat gain, general overall well being.

As far as gear goes my opinion might not be the most accepted but I feel if your blasting gear natural factors like stress are going to have very little impact as long as the stress isn’t affecting your diet and training.

Thanks for response. I’m in a permanent stress (job, family…) + I’m unfortunately that kind if guy who’s get stressed very easily.

Somewhat related, but when I ran my first few cycles I could definitely tell that THE GEAR seemed to be causing mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety / panic attack. It seems to happen whenever I would go over 500mg per week. On subsequent cycles this diminished greatly, perhaps as my body because accustomed to the higher levels.

Depends on the juice IMO… On test cycles I feel great might be more aggressive and super horny but generally happy…

on a Tren cycle I feel like an angry animal… can have panic, rage, ect… More I think about it Tren kinda just sux

On gear, I found stress effects fat loss much more than it effects muscle growth, unless the stress is effecting your sleep. Cortisol is catabolic but the gear forces growth. When not on gear, stress and higher cortisol levels make it very very very hard to grow.