Stress and Stomach Fat

Anyone believe that stuff about cortisol and how stress keeps fat in your belly?

Here is my deal been taking Methoxy-7 and Maximum Strength HOT-ROX for a few weeks now and pretty happy, getting stronger but not bigger, which is my goal. Eating reasonably well and hitting the gym 6 days a week doing a mix of excercises and cardio.

But, I am just not shaking the belly fat. I sense the belly tightening a bit, but I am wondering if it is just the stress that is making me retain fat, just curious. My work is pretty intense.

I bought some relacore, which is supposed to reduce the belly fat. Not sure how it will mix with HOT-ROX and Methoxy-7. But I am wondering, if I am just not being patient enough, but I am just not shedding that stomach fat.

Thanks for reading.


Most men simply lose midsection fat last, so I doubt that cortisol is the problem.

Also, Relacore is a scam.

In my experience, HOT-ROX takes a few months to work good. And it should be used with proper diet. See Dr. Berardi and Dr. Lowery articles regarding diet.

I’m willing to be you’ve got fat in more places than just your belly. It’s going to take some time and a good diet to get rid of it. I also agree with sretsam in that most guys tend to lose belly fat last. I know for me the last thing to go is the fat on the obliques.