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Stress and heart rate

Hi all. I have been under a lot of stress and some anxiety the last few days. I have a resting heart rate of a little above 100bpm, all the time. 1. How can i get this down naturally, and 2. Are there compounds or whatever that one can take to calm his nerves?

There really is no fix for stress except
for eliminating the cause of it, but kava
kava (an herb you can get at the health
food store) is of some value for calming
the nerves.

the thing is right now i feel pretty relaxed and the hr is 102bpm. thoughts?

The only thought is that if the problem continues for more than a couple of days,
I would definitely see a doctor. In fact
it would probably be wiser to see a doctor
if that particular problem (heart beat 30
beats or more above normal) lasts more than
1 day. There could be a cause besides the stress that you
can’t guess and neither can anyone except
a doctor who has just examined you.


Are you taking an accurate reading? You should have a health professsional to take a proper reading. 100 bpm is very high for heart rate at rest. A normal reading is 70, if you train hard and consistantly it should be lower.

When you check your heart rate does it seem irregular? it should be lub-dub,lub-dub. The thing is a fast heart rate can cause feelings of anxiety thus increasing your heart rate even more.Are you taking any “energy” supplements that may increase your heart rate? Lots of caffeine? If you lack sleep, are dehydrated, or have a low blood sugar this could also be a cause.You need a check up-finding out the cause of the problem should help decrease your stress and anxiety.

actually, the heart rate is very regular and normal. it was only as accurate as counting it for 30s and then X2 it. stressed resting it was like 108. i dont normally suffer from stress either, it was just that some school things overwhelmed me. so im over that now and am no longer bothered and feeling good but its still 86, and no stimulants. no health probs in the past at all. 26yrs old 230@12% and feel great. cant say i know what my true resting heart rate is though cause i dont remember the last time checking prior to this weekend. but it does seem high. i dont do cardio at all either.

if you are doing GBL or the like you may be tanking your potassium levels, thats a danger.

i have used it recently yes, should i supplement with potassium? not using it now though. how much K to take?

What is a good reting heart reate?
Mine is always like 70-80 & I eat right!