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StrengthWorks Bench Workout

just wanted to let everyone know that there will be a bench workout at StrengthWorks Gym in Tempe tomorrow morning at 8am.

The workout has sprung from the garage workouts that have been going on in the valley for the last few years. StrengthWorks has come on as one of the major sponsors for the APF in AZ and has started hosting the saturday morning workouts.

The workout is open to anyone who wants to come out for a heavy bench workout.

The gym is on the southwest corner of McClintock and Apache behind the Pepboys.

PM me for more details.


Great workout. Had about 8 lifters show up for the first workout. Lots of great lifting. The AZ APF guys never disappoint, it’s like the motto says “we don’t miss” and with guys like Bolger and Rob around you don’t want to.

The game plan was to warm up and then throw on shirts. El Hedgehog de Diablo ended up hitting 615 to 2 boards and looked like he had about 23-30 left in him. Danny, only 18, hit 405 to a two board and this was with competing full tilt last weekend at the APF Arizona Bench Meet. Little Tim busted out the new Titan Katana and worked to 475 and got it within a 1/2 inch of touching. Impressive especially considering he weighs in at about 43 pounds.

I managed to bang out a double with 405 to 2 boards after not getting to lift seriously for the last 6 weeks due to a back injury. Fatty McGee broke out Frankenshirt (i would explain this thing if i wasn’t so afraid of it, it was custom sewn here locally for the limbs od dead shirts… and it is horrifying) and hammered up past 600 with ease. being tired took him out before missing a weight did. Chris and Cezar both got coached on form and made some serious improvements.

After the benching guys split up and started working on asst exercises. This was a first for me. i have never seen these guys outside of a garage gym, so they were like kids let loose in a candy store.

Hedgehog hung out and got into some band rehab and generally BS’ed for a bit.

The consensus is that the atmosphere is great and the equipment is top notch.

Kroby also stopped by and got his workout in. Good to meet him after all the PM’s.

Best moments of the day all came from hedgehog. the first came when the stereo started playing some 80’s rock techno remix. out of nowhere he starts going off about how this skate is a reverse skate and the next one is girls ask the boys. Ah, to be back in middle school again… Then H-Bomb said she had to go change andhedgehog asked her “into what… a giraffe?” she ignored him and when she walked away he said in the most innocent voice “i like alligators” as if it was half statement and half suggestion.

Next week the workout is going to be at 10a so those of you that have to travel will have more time to get here and not have to leave before dawn.

The website will have pics up on it eventually…

see you next week.

good luck!

the workout has moved to 10a for this week. so those of you that thought it was too early last week are going to get a bit of relief!

this week will have the options of bench or squat.

See you there.

board work

As a heads up to everyone there will be a 9am bench session on Memorial day! Since most folks have the day off the typical monday session got moved up.

Come in and see what it is all about!


I just got word that one of our lifters JR Bolger was in a motorcycle accident this week. He sounds in good spirits, so please think a good thought for him. JR is a great guy and we hope to see him in action again soon.