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Strengthgeek 5/3/1


actually this is my 11th cycle on 5/3/1 but for this training log series i will count it as 1st
my stats:
26yrs old
160 lbs (72.5 kg)

cycle 1 week 3
Benchpress day
1x5 65 lbs.
1x5 85 lbs.
1x3 100 lbs.
1x5 125 lbs.
1x3 140 lbs.
1x4 16o lbs.

i didnt complete 5 reps so i'll take 2 steps back next cycle
assistance lifts:
3x8 flat benchpress 120 lbs.
3x8 incline dbpress 45lbs.
3x8 JM Press 60 lbs.
3x10 Tricep extensions 80lbs.

Cycle 1 Week 3
Deadlift day
1x5 115 lbs.
1x5 145 lbs.
1x3 175 lbs.
1x5 220 lbs.
1x3 250 lbs.
1x5 280 lbs.

barbell row 5/3/1
1x5 130 lbs.
1x3 150 lbs.
1x7 165 lbs.

Assistance lifts.
kroc rows 1x19 80 lbs.
weighted pull ups 3x5 20 lbs.
lat pulldowns 3x8 125lbs.
barbell curl 3x10 50 lbs.

cycle 1 week 3
Press day
1x5 50 lbs.
1x5 60 lbs.
1x3 75 lbs.
1x5 90 lbs.
1x3 105 lbs.
1x2 115lbs.
i only did 2 so i'll back off 2 steps next cycle

assistance lift
90 lbs 3x8 super set with weighted pullups 20 lbs. (3x5)
40 lbs db press super set with weighted pull ups 20 lbs. (3x5)
100 lbs CG benchpress 3x7
20 lbs. DB flies 3x10
20 lbs. DB rear delt flies 3x10
80 lbs. facepulls 3x10

sorry for not starting at my 1st cycle but i want to keep an online record for my lifts.. btw any opinion is welcome.. is this too much volume for assist lifts?


Week 1 Cycle 3
Squat day
5/3/1 Squats
1x5 95 lbs.
1x5 120 lbs.
1x3 145 lbs.
1x5 180 lbs.
1x3 205 lbs.
1x4 225 lbs.
didnt expect to get 4 cuz i only had 5 hrs of sleep… very happy with this rep PR

front squats 3x7 120lbs (big drop in weight… i hope it has a good carry over to squats/deads)
RDL 3x8 125lbs.
reverse cable woodchops 3x5 80 lbs.
hanging leg raise 3x10 bodyweight
cable crunches 3x10 100lbs.

next week is deload week… looking forward to it cuz my explosiveness has already diminished
hopefully my upper body strength would catch up with my lower body


Bench Day
Cycle 1 week 4

5/3/1 warmup sets/weight 3x5

Assistance Work:
3x10 Benchpress 100 lbs.
2x10 Incline DB press 40 lbs.
3x10 DB Incline Flies 40 lbs.
3x8 JM press 60 lbs.
3x8 DB seated dumbbell extensions 20 lbs
3x10 cable Tricep extensions 90 lbs.

didnt feel the workout at all everything was light but explosive… btw do u guys know a remedy for wrist pain?


Deadlift day
Cycle 1 week 4

5/3/1 deload 3x5

Barbell row
5/3/1 deload 3x5

Assistance lifts
1x20 Kroc row 80 lbs.
3x5 Weighted pullups 20 lbs.
3x10 Reverse Lat pulldowns 110 lbs.
3x10 DB curls 20 lbs.
3x10 Hammer Curls 20 lbs.

Another sweatfree day… but i was able to practice my form so all is good


Today is rest day… damn the new 5/3/1 book is finally out… i wonder whats the new about it


Press Day
Cycle 1 Week 4
5/3/1 deload 3x5

Assistance Lift
A1.3x10 Oh Press 70 lbs
A2.3x5 weighted pullups 20lbs
B1.3x10 Db press 35lbs.
B2.3x5 Weighttes pullups 20 lbs.

2x8 Cg Benchpress 80 lbs.
2x8 Rear Delt Flies 20lbs.
2x10 Facepulls 100 lbs.

First Day of work today… the workout didnt felt like a deload at all cuz it felt heavy… i was hungry at that time cuz of lack of breaktime. i will work on this damn this workout felt pretty bad


Squat Day
Cycle 1 Week 4

5/3/1 Deload 3x5

Assistance Lift
3x10 Squat 160 lbs.
3x10 RDL 130 lbs.
3x6 Reverse Woodchop 70 lbs.
3x10 Hanging Leg Raise
3x10 Cable crunches Full stack
3 sets Planks 2 minutes each

This is also a bad workout but its better than my Press day… seems i need to take some pre workouts and ZMA but i dont have one atm