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Strengthening My Back


Before I really was educated on proper lifting form, techniques & programs like this site offers, I basically took gym trainers advice or did frat boy lifts. I know you can stone me now.

As a result I have what I feel is a major imbalance between my chest and back. After reading Cressey's Neandrethal No More I have some of the symptoms of an underdeveloped back (semi-rounded shoulds, rotation etc). I'm incorporating more pulling exercises into my regime to correct this.

My question is what should the frequency be for these items? I'm doing Waterbury's TBT right now. On the days I do chest I add an extra set of rows or pulls.

What are your suggestions?


Personally I try to match frequency and intensity of the pushers and pullers. I used to be pretty much the same... I'd lift bench and curls. As a result, about 3 or 4 years ago I realized that my posture was really starting to suffer.

Using just the simple guidline of matching intensity and frequency, I've really improved my back and therefore overall posture and appearance.

At first you won't be able to match the kinds of weight you can do with your chest. Just keep the frequency and intensity up, and your back will catch up pretty fast.


I agree with gman. Just match your pushes and pulls, and you will even out over time.


Thanks for the input guys, I appreciate it.


Take some advice from a frat boy lifter. You should have higher training volume for the back until it is caught up. I once saw a Tip of the Day here advocating 2 reps of pulling movements for every 1 of a pressing movement. Also, don't neglect the upper back--traps and rear delts--in your back specialization. This will have the added benefit of tending to increase your bench.

Oh, and drop that damn term.