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Strengthening Ligaments and Tendons?


Hello CT,

I would have a question about how to strengthen ligaments and tendons. I have heard I can strengthen them with

a) overspeed eccentrics
b) ultra high reps
c) slow eccentrics

What’s your point of view in this topic ?
Thanks in advance, would greatly appreciate your opinion.


Anything where the eccentric is accentuated can strengthen tendons (which is why it is used in physical therapy when you have tendinitis).

Super high reps help sending more blood to the tendons (which are less vascularized than other tissues) helping them recover.

Both of these approaches will work my improving the structural aspect of tendons. And to a point it will thus make them stronger.

Overloads (heavy partials reps, heavy negatives) will desensitize the Golgi Tendon Organs which will tone down your protective mechanisms which will allow you to produce more force.


Thank you for your answer CT.

What kind of rep range should I use for the ultra high reps ? 100-200 or 400-500?
When you use an broomstick( let’s say for bicep curls), 500 reps are very hard (I guess), is it okay to stop the “set” after lets say 100 reps because your arm is so pumped and then you continue ?

What kind of weight do I need on the slow accentuated eccentrics ?
Is it possible to combine ultra high reps and slow accentuated eccentrics ?


100 is as high as I would go. Alex Vigneault one of the Crossfit guy I work with did 500 reps unbroken (no rest) with the empty barbell and that took him 11 minutes and he was some for 4 days. This actually hurt the rest of his training week.

Sets of 30-50 reps are just as good to be honest. I once wrote a program that always ended with one set of 100 reps on an isolation exercise and that worked well.


Thank you for your answer CT, I know which program you mean! (Forgot the name ;P)