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Strengthen the Wrists?


I'm very light built in general,but what "worries" me are my wrists (5.2 inches) what exercises can I do to make them stronger both muscles and tendons ?


Wrist curls, reverse wrist curls, hammer curls and deadlifts without straps. Thick bar work as well if possible.


5.2"? I assume you mean 6.2" else that IS reason to worry. In any case, reverse curls, reverse wrist curls, levering and sledgehammer work (go carefully here) and grip training over a year or two, in addition to the loading with dumbbells and barbells that you will be using in your daily workouts should make a big difference. If you feel any strain use wrist wraps but ONLY on your heaviest pushing sets.


Here's a good article:


The wrist roller works like a charm. But as mentioned above, deadlifts will do wonders also.


Alternate hands while punchin the clown...


Deadlifts are great, and varieties of wrist curls