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Strengthen Proximal Bicep Tendon

I’ve checked older posts, and dont see anything about this. Does anyone know how to strengthen the proximal bicep tendon? I dont feel like eccentric bicep curls hit it the same as it does the distal bicep tendon.

I’ve been dealing with the same type of issue for a few months and tried throwing a bunch of stuff at it. Finally settled into two movements pretty much daily.

Slow band pull-aparts for reps using an exaggerated tempo on the concentric (like 5+ seconds), a legit one-one-thousand-two-one-thousand peak contraction, and then a slow negative. Especially feels good with either a palms-up or semi-supinated/EZ curl-type grip.

And a negative-only press and curl, one arm at a time. Get one dumbbell overhead, lower it to shoulder-level in about 15 seconds, then lower it as a curl taking another 15 seconds. Pretty similar to this drill (without the triceps extension obviously). I shoot for 5 reps per side, alternating arms each rep.

Lots of research supports eccentric-exercise for tendon strengthening, so it seems to be working. I’ve also been taking vitamin B5 (shown in research to encourage tendon repair) but can’t dial in if it’s specifically helping. Can’t hurt though.

Thanks for this! At this point I’ll throw anything i can at it. Really appreciate your response.