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I’m 15 and have been lifting for 2 1/2 years now. I’ve made good size gains but my strength hasn’t gone up much. I work out hard, eat right, and get enough sleep. Are there any supplements out there that are ok for a teen to take that will premote good strength gains?


First off, read my “Youth Gone Wild” article way back in issue #68 of T-mag. That will get you started with the basics. The “Dawg School” articles will help too.

Since we don’t know much about how you’ve been training or eating, here are some basic tips: For strength, train in the lower rep ranges where you go heavy enough so that you can only get 1 to 5 reps. As for supplements, all you need at your age is FOOD and lots of it. Don’t skip meals and be sure to eat plenty of protein. If you must use a supplement, get an MRP protein powder concoction and drink one after you train or whenever you would otherwise have to skip a meal. Throw in a multivitamin, too. That’s it. That’s all you need. The rest lies in food and proper training. Go through our previous issues section and start absorbing everything you can.

This is a pretty touchy subject because of your age but I’ll try and help. The only supplementation you should be concerned with is a food supplement and multivitamin. These are the best things for you assuming you eat like a normal teenager. Most young people don’t get the proper nutrition despite saying otherwise. High glycemic foods are the main cause for concern; try to eat more unrefined foods. Adding in more protein into the mix will help you grow more during this period. Creatine/Ribose can also help but you should get some protein first.

Forget about supps. for now. Strength training is VERY different from hypertrophy training! Learn how to train FIRST!!! Without proper training & nutrition your gains WILL ALWAYS SUFFER.Supplements ARE NOT magic pills. Although with the prices the way they are you would think so.

You have to eat right, that means get enough protein, get enough low glycemic carbs, eat a salad every day, as for strength gains go to poliquins maximal strength workout, its for arms but if you have a good spotter it can be applied to all body parts, its in one of the very first issues on the site.