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Strength Workout for flexibility

Hello all.

I’ve got an idea Ive been playing with:
A strength routine designed to improve flexibility via increased strength in the end of ROM.

for those not flexible enough to deadlift from the floor without rounding their back, or those that cannot rack a barbell oly-style for front squats the benefits are obvious. but even flexible people know that flexibility without end of ROM strength is a liability and a potential joint injury.
the routine will also (IMO) be a great variation and a great strength builder.

lets say you are convinced that if such routine is found it is worthy.
now, what do we need?

we need exersizes (I call them MOVES) that load the muscle in it’s STRETCHED position. we will do some sets regularly (the first) and then we will do some end of rom partials/holds.
obviously we are going to use some high intensity but not failure as end of ROM is injury prone. end of ROM strength is also great for sports, and who doesnt need strength anyways?

example: the leg curl loads the hmstrings in the flexed position while the RDL loads them in the stretched position. now before you all get smart on me, I have references for that.

List of possible MOVES:
RDL, closed stance. - hammies, lower back and ITB tie ins
RDL, sumo - hammies, lower back and GLUTE tie ins, inner tighs
fly, pullover (done properly - explained later) chest, biceps, shoulders
overhead squat (debating on that one)
shoulders, lower body
saxon side bend. - side muscles
overhead lounge, lounge - hip flexors
roman chair situps - hip flexors
lying flat bench curls (biceps, front delts)
sitted, standing calf raise
dorsi flexion
finger rolls (foreams- flexors)
armwerstler’s palm extension (foream-extensors)
revese trunk twist
cross-body rows (mid-upper back)
overhead DB extension (triceps, chest, delts)

Ive actualy played with all drills, still thinking about loading parameters

any thoughts will be welcomed