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Strength Without Size?

I am looking for an alternative to shelling out $90 every 15 days for anavar. I am not looking to put on size because I have to stay within a weight class right now, but it seems that the only thing that will give me strength w/out the size is anavar. Are there any alternatives out there? Legal or not I want to get this strength up. I mean if the euros have figured out a way to do we can also.


Maybe Halo…anyone?

Turanabol might be a good choice for you. I’ve heard of user experiences being a great increase in strength with some mass gained, maybe 5-10 lbs. during a cycle.

It’s not just about the steroid you use, it is also about the diet and the training.

You need to incorporate explosive training and less ‘hypertrophy’ style training in your regime, which I am sure you do.

couple this with controling your protein and carbohydrate intake, decrease your bodyfat, increase your and increase your muscle density.

At a healthy maintainable bodyfat percentage of around 6-8 percent, as you approach your maximum weight, you need readjust your protein and calorie intake to insure maintainance of your current weight.

Any other gains in strength from hear come from slowly remodeling slow-twitch muscle tissues into fast- twitch muscle, and through training your nervous system concurently.

As for what steroid you choise to use for these purposes, your options are only limited away from the steroid the cause heavy retention of water such as anadrol.

steroids that come to mind for use:

test prop
dianobol in low dossage
and many more I am sure

Bottom line is, steriods can cause weight gain and water retention, but you can control this using your intake of calories, and protein, and your training methods.

I am 160 right now and 5’9" and I need to be under 154 for the sports I do. I am very cut already and don’t need to bulk until I go up a weight class. I am just going to take a month cycle before bigger competitions like nationals and worlds and a few others. In a year or two after I’ve done what I wanted to do in this class I am going on HGH injectable, and doing some good cycles to match. But until then I have to watch my weight. Thanks everyone. Is there anything you would recomend that I can get from my sponsors for supplements that will help with the strength. List any and all and I will write back with what I have taken .