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Strength vs Hypertrophy Training

Hi Everyone

This has probably been done a thousand times but ill ask again.

What difference in training is there between strength and hypertrophy training?.

Let me explain
Something like Waterbury’s 10x3 program calls for heavy weight not performed to failure and that is a hypertrophy method.

On the other hand u have someone doing 20 sets of 15 reps and making great gains?

Now i know strength training can mostly be doing singles and max weight but hypertrophy can also occur there right?

So im just trying to figure out what u guys define as hypertrophy training and strength training? maybe total volume vs intensity?

I know everybody responds differently but what’s the general feeling u guys say about hypertrophy training vs strengh training.



Different Journeys Different Destinations by C. Thibadeau

might help

Strenght training mainly trains your CNS for efficiency and maximal fiber recruitment to perform a lift. As you get stronger your miscle cross section increases and your muscle does indeed seem to become denser.

Hypetrophy training differs in that you concentrate more on how you lift your weight, meaning that you concentrate on your muscle contraction as you lift the weight. Your goal at that point is to stimulate and exhaust the muscle. By exhaust i don’t mean failure just wearing it down with higher reps and more training variety.

I feel that both phases are to be used, when you come off a strenght routine and switch to hypetrophy program you grow very quickly for a few weeks.

so could you give an example of a strenghth work out week
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READ all of these

I found them by clicking on “Authors” on the left of the page, then clicking on Waterbury and Thibaudeau

You too can go through their large lists of articles and read everything they’ve written, it’s that easy!

The difference can be determined by looking at Volume of Work (reps and sets), Intensity of Work (load), and Frequency of movement. I would recommend reading Locked and Loaded by CT and the Set-Rep Bible by CW.