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Strength Up and Downs


Christian, I have a problem that I have been dealing with for years. My strength gets to a certain level and then progress just seems to stop.

I was reading the max lifts of some of the cross fit guys you posted. I gotta tell you to me those seem like a dream. But I would truly love to be this strong.

Currently I am 47 years 6'3" and weigh about 215 . I have been following your layer system and totally improved my look and I am stronger than ever in my 40s but weak compared to my 30s.

Slight decline 3 rm 240lbs
SGHP 3 Rm 225
Push press RM 185lbs
deadlift 3 Rm 325

any help on progressing past this I have been stuck here for about 4 weeks.

Supps are Plazma 2 doses one pre one intra and between 3 and 4 MAG-10 pulses.

5 lifting days per week.

any input for me would be appreciated


I'm not CT, but went through something similiar & increased my Plazma to 3 servings & instantly noticed a big difference....I hope that helps


the first thing i would do is to drop any HDL/rep work you are doing.

if that doesnt work, switch to a pure strength set up (if strength is your goal)


Correct. I found that HFL work is great to help build muscle at first and really help adding strength for about 4-6 weeks, then it actually has the opposite effect because it is so demanding on the body. Look at the 10-days cycle (posted in the layer and powerlifting thread) for an approach that might suit your needs more.


Thanks everyone for the replies. I will give all of this some consideration.

And CT do you think I should completely cut the HDL portion or should I maybe reduce to 1 set of HDL like for example the Hard 5 at 80%?