Strength Trianing Tempo

Heya T-crew. For those of you who train in the Strength/Functional mode, what tempo do you usually use for lifts such as bench press, tricep ress, ect. Coach D, I’d appreciate your input here. Thanx.

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Fast and controlled…if that makes sense. “Explosive! Them hot hoes is fiending…they on the nuts!”

I recently started training more for strength recently. I like the compensatory force idea. Push the weight from static with as much force as possible. This can be a 1/3 to a rep that takes several seconds depending on the weight used.

I usually go slow on the eccentric…about 3-4 seconds…and then blast the weight up as quickly and with as much force as i can on the concentric portion…i thinkit’sbeen proven that the world’s bestpowerlifters use a relaively slow and controlled descent.

Had some problems posting my reply, so I apologize if this is posted a few times. But Eric, it depends on your goal of the training. As you can see through some parts of the training, speed of motion is the focus, where in other areas such as wheelbarrow walks the tension is continual. Obviously, my post did nothing for your question - so try to elaborate and maybe we can figure out. In faith, Coach Davies

Tan, not disagreeing with you at all, just mentioning - ever seen Shane Hammond squat? There’s a video clip on Freaks-O-Nature of him squatting 1008 and the entire lift takes him about a second. The guy is an absolute freak.

I usually don't worry about tempo. I use a controlled eccentric and an explosive concentric. I do try to keep track of how long the concentric takes though... you don't want the concentric to slow down, speed is key when you're talkin function strength. The only time I really worry about tempo is during static overloads or heavy negatives.

That Hammond clip is the coolest fucking thing I’ve ever seen! It looks like he’s doing a warm-up rep with 135. Hammond is my hero.

Coach, I am currently training for functional strength, simply to be able to lift bigger, heavier shit, but also to build some thickness. I generally do about a 51X tmepo and that has worked very well. I just saught some additional input.

Eric - well that’s the approach you should take although I do favor additional volume work with KBell swings and snatchs. In faith, Coach Davies