Strength Training

Hey Guys,
This thread pertains to the one that I wrote above… I’ve got the concept of Hypertrophy down pretty well… but Strength training is still ambiguous w/ me. When I strenth train, I want to keep the Sets High and the Reps Low, right? When using a 3 day split (about 3 bodyparts/day), would it be okay to use about 2 compound exersizes/bodypart? If my sets go over Ian King’s recommendation (that metabolic/neural training chart thingy) for amount of sets, say like 15-20, is that okay? I’m going to stay w/ the basic Easier compound movements for right now, but when I learn the olympic moves, would these be good to use in strenth training? By the way… What is a respectable bodyfat to be at (not the coveted single digits we all want (and some have)) but a more realistic goal for me. I’m gonna buy a caliper, but I guesstimate that I’m around 20% right now…


Strength is around 6-12 reps, 2-4 sets.
However, power is around 4-8 reps,
maximal weights is around 1-4 reps…

Start by finding a weight you can lift 6 times.
Then lift it 8 times.
Wipe your concept of how heavy it is, up the weight, lift it 8 times.
Get back to the original weight, lift it 12 times.

Re-assess your maximum potential, add more weights the next time you train that muscle, lift it more often.

Every once in a while, lower the weights and check your technique.

Log your weights.
Eat lots.