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Strength Training with Multiple Sclerosis


At the start of 2017, I got diagnosed with MS.

Long story short, I’ve lost a ton of strength, primarily in my legs, and I want it back.

Therefore, I’ve decided to log my workouts, increasing my accountability, making sure that I do what is necessary.

Goal for end of 2018:
Front squat: 100 kg
Deadlift : 120 kg
Bench press: 90 kg
Chins: 15

If anyone reading this have questions about MS, I would be happy to answer them.

I do not note the warm-up sets, only the main work set(s) at the highest weight.


Deadlift: 70 kg x 5
DB bench press: 24 kg x 10
Chins, 4, 3.


Someone dear to me has ms. She can do anything…I have no clue how, mtf beast. She refuses meds due to it fucking up piss test. It’s a real battle, but she makes it through. Best of luck



Front squats: 50 kg x 6
Close-grip bench press: 50 kg x 12
T-bar row: 30 kg x 12