Strength Training with a Knee Injury

Any suggestions on how I should train with a knee injury? I was thinking of just doing the 100 rep challenge but with all upper body? Or should I focus on strength and do 531 with upper body 3 times per week? I had knee surgery and all my lower body training is with guidance of a PT.

  1. Have a goal. Whatever that is - it can be a Mt Everest goal. Doesn’t matter.
  2. Make plan to reach goal.
  3. Work.

This is how it always goes. How you should train, with or without an injury is no different only that you “train what is trainable”. By the way, I’m not sure why people think your body doesn’t need recovery time between your body healing itself and 7-14 rehab workouts a week. Stress is stress. And just because you aren’t squatting 700 every workout doesn’t mean your body doesn’t recognize it.

Before hurting my knee my goal was a 1000 lbs total. Now I can’t squat or Deadlift so my goal is to work on my bench and military press since that’s all I can do.

That isn’t a goal. A goal is “Walk 2 miles in 32 minutes with 84 # vest, jump on 42” box, do 30 chins, squat 450x20."

Those are goals.

Before my injury my goals were 5rm 405 Deadlift 315 squat 295 bench and 205 military press and 5 mile run in under 40 min 2 mile run under 13 min.